bill_guitarI’m Bill. These are my meanderings, so-called because my thoughts are all over the place. If you’re looking for a themed blog, this ain’t it.

But hopeful because of Jesus, through whom we have and know “the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people, and his incomparably great power for us who believe.”

That’s important because my meanderings are sometimes hard and dark. Some days are tough to push through. But I hope in God and in his promises to deliver me through the death and resurrection of Jesus. But I also enjoy a good laugh and cheeseburgers and pizza (always pizza) and random stuff and irony–lots of irony.

Having said all that, here’s more random stuff about me:

  • I live in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • I’ve been married ten years
  • I have eight children (some biological, some through adoption)
  • (Yes, I do know what causes that)
  • (No, I’m not Catholic)
  • (Yes, I have heard of birth control)
  • …and we’re looking to adopt more through the foster care system
  • Oddly enough, in Indiana we already have too many kids to be foster parents though that doesn’t stop us from adopting kids in the foster system
  • I have a music education degree
  • I’ve never been employed as a teacher
  • I work as a business analyst for a health insurance company (that’s ok–no one really knows what I do and I stopped trying to explain it ages ago)
  • I learned to play guitar growing up listening to all my dad’s Beatles records and using the chord pictures in The Beatles Complete Chord Songbook to learn chording
  • Because I only learned chording, I can’t solo worth a flip
  • My dad taught me to play piano by ear–he used to be an organist in a rock band in the late 60’s
  • I’ve been singing as long as I can remember
  • I majored for a while in college on the euphonium before switching to vocal education
  • I’m a self-proclaimed nerd (and I’m pretty sure I really am and not the hipster attempt at one)
  • I love reading–I used to read an entire novel a day during summer breaks (and they were usually Star Trek novels)
  • I think I just confirmed my valid nerdiness
  • I went to seminary for a while
  • I dropped out of seminary after a while
  • We had six kids in seven years (part of the whole dropping out of seminary thing)
  • I’ve been a paid staff member at three different churches (always as a music leader)
  • I’m hoping never to be on a church staff again (fine experiences, just not my convictions–I’m sure I’ll talk about that at some point)
  • I kinda blog elsewhere, but busyness and some life changes have kept me from doing much on the other blogs; I’ll link to them when that changes
  • I love my wife a lot, sometimes too much
  • I love myself even more, proving why I so desperately need Jesus
  • I’m a fan of Lost, The Mentalist, and Castle, among other things
  • I know far too many Star Trek references
  • And yes, I love Star Wars, too (come on, JJ: YOU CAN DO IT!)

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