Diversity Is Beauty

Like most folks, I have a pretty varied taste in music. I grew up on 60’s rock, especially the Beatles. I went through adolescence in the 90’s, so I love alternative music. I was “classically” trained in music, so I love choral and orchestral music. I can get lost in the emotions of film music and it’s pure emotional power. I’m well-acquainted with a great many hipsters (I’m certainly not one myself), so I have grown to love the many different types of indie music out there.

There are times when I wish when I could somehow fuse all these different styles together. That classic rock and alternative and indie rock and orchestral music and choral voices could be blended into something beautiful and amazing.

But I don’t think that’s really possible. The diversity is too broad, the media too extreme to make it work without sounding like a cheap bastardization of each style on its own.

And then I think: maybe that’s the way it ought to be. Maybe the diversity is beautiful in itself. Maybe the fact that sometimes I’m in the mood for one type or another is a good and right thing. Maybe a blend isn’t good at all—a tree isn’t a fish and a fish isn’t a rock and a rock isn’t a cloud. And who would want them to be? Who’d want a tree-fish-rock cloud?

As I watch the racial struggles at play, there’s too much desire to want everyone to just be the same and act the same. But that’s just racism at its worst. God’s people are from every tribe and tongue and nation. Not homogenous at all, but varied. Tall and short, wide and skinny, red-headed and black-headed, peach-skinned and brown-skinned. And everything else. God adores the diversity because he made us that way, made the whole creation that way.

We don’t need a fusion, a blend, a melting pot. We need the differences and a way to love those differences—which is the love of God in Jesus, who died for every type of person. Music or skin tone or language, diversity is beauty.

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