Disclaimer: I’ve never read John Calvin on…anything. (I struggle to read those guys who were alive more than a hundred years ago.)

BUT apparently he took a little rant on the increasing number of inns sprouting up in his day. He thought that inns “prove…that the principal duty of humanity has become obsolete among us.” In his mind, the Christian should open his home free of charge to welcome strangers, citing Genesis 18 where Abraham quickly welcomes his three guests without compunction.

Socially speaking, it sounds crazy that we would open our home to strangers to board for free. Crazy and stupid, probably. But most of the life Jesus calls us to sounds crazy and stupid. I wonder what it would be like to “assist strangers, from whom there is no hope of reward.” More than tossing some coins at the dude standing on the corner with a cup in his hand, could we welcome in a stranger? Could I welcome someone without hope of return?

Abraham rushed out to the three strangers, imploring them to be washed and to rest under the tree and eat his food. Love compelled him.

God in flesh—he rushed out to us as strangers, imploring us to be washed by his blood and to find rest from our tainted works and to live by eating his flesh. Love compelled him.

What exactly compels us?

HT: Aaron Denlinger

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