From a Book: Think How You’d Feel

“Does he know,” whispered Lucy to Susan, “what Aslan did for him? Does he know what the arrangement with the Witch really was?”

“Hush! No. Of course not,” said Susan.

“Oughtn’t he to be told?” said Lucy.

“Oh, surely not,” said Susan. “It would be too awful for him. Think how you’d feel if you were he.”

-from Prince Caspian (Book 2* of the Chronicles of Narnia) by C.S. Lewis, Loc 1798

*Yes, Book 2. Not Book 4. Don’t let some crazy publisher somewhere or an offhand comment by Lewis himself lead you down the path of death, destruction, and unending misery. Reading the books in quasi-chronological ruins the way stories unfold if you instead read them in publication order. Here’s a longer defense of why you should read the Narnia books in publication order.

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