Enough for Today

Let me add a bit to my last post about needs. I already pointed out that God gives as much as we need when looking at the story of the Israelites receiving manna. That’s not the only place, though. When Jesus is teaching the disciples how to pray, his simple prayer includes this line: “Give us today our daily bread.” Or the slightly different line from Luke’s account: “Give us each day our daily bread.”

We take it for granted that we should have enough for today and tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow and a whole bunch of tomorrows after that. We pray for enough money and resources to give us a really nice cushion.

Jesus says to pray this: give us enough for today.

Not enough for retirement.

Not enough to cover that emergency that might happen.

Not enough for my kids to go to college.

Not enough for next week.

Not enough for tomorrow.

Enough for today.

That feels downright impossible.

Maybe that’s the point.


Not much to say today. Got hit with the news this morning that some friends–husband, wife, and two sons–were killed in a car wreck last night.

Like that.


I haven’t had much contact with them over the years, but the sporadic contact was always characterized by one word: encouraging. And in the way that builds up your soul.


Like that.

Death stings today. It’s bitter. But sweeter than bitter. Because death’s sting had been dulled. These four are with Jesus today in paradise by grace through faith. I rejoice for them as I hurt for those of us still waiting.

I don’t have tears. But I ache in my soul. I wish I’d thanked them for their kind words. I wish I smiled as easily as he did. I long for more than piddling along in an empty life.

They are part of God’s tapestry. Part of my tapestry. And I doubt they knew before now. But I’m grateful to God for them.