As Much as They Needed

Before I get to the musts, I think I need to work my way through the needs. Because I suspect that the way I view musts is connected to the way I view needs. And vice versa. But I think the “needs” are more foundational, so I’m gonna camp there for a while.

For today, I simply want to point out that God will provide what we need, when we need it. In the wilderness, God provided manna and later quail to meet the food needs for the Israelites (Exodus 16). But he was very clear that he would give “as much as they needed” and no more. In fact, that were supposed to gather as much as they needed only, because the extra would spoil. They needed only “enough for that day”.

There were some who tested it. They ended up with maggots and rot and stink. Because they ignored God and tested him.

When am I getting maggots and rot and stink because I want to collect more than “enough for that day”? Not that God can’t give us abundance—that’s not my point. Rather where am I testing God to make sure he give me enough not just for today, but for tomorrow and the next day and the next month and the next year? I wonder that about 401k accounts all the time. But that’s easy for me, because I barely have one and would rather keep that money for today. How about all those times I hope I’m gonna win McDonald’s Monopoly so that I never have to worry about money again? How about hoping for a random check to show up in the mail that will fix all our money problems? How about hoping our mortgage company will send us a letter that our note has been paid in full?

I’ve hoped for all these things. I’ve prayed for all of them.

More than once.


Maybe I just can’t stand the thought of literally having to depend on God to provide me with the money to buy the food we need each day. Maybe it’s not a maybe. I can’t stand the thought. I would’ve collected more manna than I needed for the day. I would’ve been one of those dudes. Because I don’t trust God enough to give me exactly what I need for today without demanding more.

I don’t want God to give me just enough. Because then I’ll need him. Every. Single. Day. And I’ll just have to believe that he’ll keep providing everything.

The fact that this feels so hard proves how small my belief.

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